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Bucklar construction - Vehicle Wraps Concepts

These designs were executed for Bucklar Construction, by Fabio Basile, during his employment with Desertwraps / iForm Media, Palm Desert, CA.

Bucklar Construction's vehicle wraps designs are presented here in three iterations, and created according to different budget tiers, relating to the cost of vinyl coverage.

The first version features minimal decals, placed directly on the vehicle's paintjob. The white color of the vehicle's body allows the decals to convey the illusion of enveloping the vehicle entirely, while keeping the cost of vinyl coverage to a minimum.

In this partial wrap version, the design partially covers the vehicle extending from the rear quarter panel, to the front doors. The front half of the car's body features decals that extend the design from the back, while using the car's paintwork as a background.

In this full wrap iteration, the vehicle is entirely wrapped in vinyl, and features perforated mesh on the rear windows. Perforated mesh, or "perf" comes in different gradation, defined by the size of the holes of which the mesh is comprised. Perf is meant to allow for a design to cover windows on a vehicle, or building, while permitting occupants to see outside.

Bucklar's branding incorporates bold, blocky elements, appropriate for conveying construction, and building. At the same time, the design is required to be clean, and corporate, to fit well across various contexts, such as billboards, stationery, and digital media.